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The Harley-Davidson two stroke series was sold to Cagiva in the early 1980's.
I'm not exactly sure of when this actually took place but it looks to have happened right around 1981-1983.
If anyone has correct date please let me know.

Cagiva produced some of the best two stroke powered engines ever made, look closely at some of the pictures below and you will notice that some of the engine look strangely similar to the Harley-Davidson MX250 powerplant.

  1982 RX-250 CAGIVA Anyone have one of these?
Looks alot like a Maico frame.

1982 RX-250
  I think I have seen this before. This is almost identical to the HD 78 design.

1982 SX250
  Harley had a small amount of this type built. Harley had 350cc prototypes built and racing in 1976 and ran some production in 1978. I know of only a few in the USA. If you know anyone that has one please let the Club know.

1982 SX 350