Magazine test on the Harley-Davidson MX-250
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The first magazine test ever featured for the production Harley-Davidson MX-250 was the september 1977 issue of Motorcyclist
A great test and awesome pictures!

The horsepower hog that can help experts bring home the bacon!
With a recorded rear wheel horsepower rating of 32.41 @ 9000 rpm, the Harley-Davidson MX-250 only shadowed the Can-Am MX-3 in 1977.
The Can-Am produced 1.2 horsepower more and weighed approximately 30 lbs less.

Suggested retail price for the Harley-Davidson MX-250 was .00 in 1977.
Harley-Davidson MX-250
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Probably the worst descision on the MX-250 was to install Chen Shin tires instead of something functional like Goodyears......
Why nearly every other Harley-Davidson built in 1977 came stock with Goodyear tires and the smaller displacement H-D's didnt, one will never know.
Harley-Davidson MX-250
Harley-Davidson MX-250
Aint ya glad they didnt come with a springer front end or sissy bar?