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The Prototype work started with the inprovements to SS/SX 250 engines.
Harley Engineer Jack Krizman found all kinds of performance improvements to the 175cc and 250cc engines. Including fifth port and reed valves head and pipe Designs. The Harley Engineers tried all kinds of things with different shock designs, Disk Brakes and clutch, crank, cylinder/heads, ignition systems, frames and so on. The 1975 prototype was the begining of things to come.

This is the 1975 prototype brochure photo
If you know someone with one of these let te club know.
We would love to get more pictures.
This is one of shock styles.
This is the one shock system that most people remember. It seems to be the most common for the 75 prototype.
This is one more type used.
I know of three Different styles there may have been more. Anyone have pictures of any others.
1975 Prototype Topeka Harley- Davidson
This was raced by Dennis Patterson (mainly Flattrack) back in the 70's, the uncle of Mike Patterson of Topeka Harley-Davidson. They also have a '78 MX-250 there on Display ( it has never been started ). A picture of it is on the Photo page.
This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
See compare this to some of the sport bikes of today. Harley was cutting edge with this 250.
Well ok dual shocks and drum brakes. Oh Well, its still kinda cool.
This is a Merlin trials bike.
This used the MX-250 engine for its power plant.